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The Weather in Belgium

 Chocolate Beer Cheese


Manneken Pis Comics Lace


Some Belgian recipes

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Belgium for Chocolate Lovers 
(factories, museums, stores, recipies!)

The story of the Belgian chocolate 

Godiva Online shopping 


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The Belgian Beer Escort 

Belgium for Beer Lovers
(abbeys, breweries, cafés) 

Global Beer Network

Beermania - online shop



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Belgium is also a great cheese country. 
It is said that, despite its small size, 
Belgium produces as many distinct types of cheese as does France. 

Cheeses of Belgium and Holland

Gourmet Cheeses of the World



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French fries are actually a Belgian invention. 
To make some you need a 'friteuse'.

They are traditionally eaten with mayonnaise!

The original Belgian fries website (recipes, the 'frietkot' and lots more!) 



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The world famous Manneken Pis has been performing since 1619.
The statue is very often dressed.
He has a wardrobe of more than 600 costumes, 
all of which preserved in the City Museum at the Grand Place. The oldest was presented by Louis XV of France in 1747.

New York has the Statue of Liberty, Copenhagen has the mermaid and
Brussels has the ...... Manneken Pis. (more)

FUN site! Good graphics!

Virtual visit (REAL images):
Manneken Pis

Jeanneken Pis can be found in a 
dead end alley (Impasse de la Fidélité) 
off Butcher Street (Beenhouwersstraat/
Rue des Bouchers).

Pictures of the


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& Suzy)


Lots of info at 

In Dutch: 

Official and less official websites:





Belgian Endive, Ham, and Cheese au Gratin

Mussels Belgian style

Visit Chez Leon, the famous
mussel restaurant in (a.o.) Brussels.

What is typical Belgian food? 
If you have an idea, please contact me!

Culinary Words and Phrases Directory

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 Real Belgian Lace Louise Verschueren 

History & types

Brussels lace

Brussels lace - fine lace with a raised or applique design
lace - a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns


Bruges lace

Bruges, or Brugge in Dutch, is a must if you visit Belgium. Have a look!

If you're interested in lace, visit the Lace Fairy!

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