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at 4 months (November 05)

Pörri2.jpg (26963 tavu(a)) kissat.jpg (60896 tavu(a)) Pörri&Witteke.jpg (68668 tavu(a)) Pörri1.jpg (29528 tavu(a)) 

11 weeks old!

11weeks1.jpg (96254 tavu(a)) 11weeks2.jpg (65130 tavu(a))

10 weeks old!

eten-10-weeks.jpg (45340 tavu(a)) eveing-tea.jpg (64879 tavu(a)) slapen-ten-weeks.jpg (47109 tavu(a)) ten-weeks.jpg (57972 tavu(a))

August 21st
7 weeks

kittens-7week1.jpg (97609 tavu(a))  kittens-7week4.jpg (59346 tavu(a)) kittens-7week5.jpg (45058 tavu(a)) 
kittens-7week6.jpg (64034 tavu(a))
kittens-7week2.jpg (31758 tavu(a))

August 14th
6 weeks
Lots of running, climbing and jumping. 
They're almost house-trained! (hurray!)
They've come out of the bedroom and
have taken over all the rooms. 
Napping on the sofa next to or on us :)

kittens-6week1.jpg (84201 tavu(a)) kittens-6week2.jpg (41376 tavu(a)) kittens-6week3.jpg (48653 tavu(a)) kittens-6week4.jpg (75471 tavu(a)) kittens-6week5.jpg (57026 tavu(a))

One of the kittens ended up with a Finnish name, the other with a Flemish one:
Pörri and a Witteke (wit = white, witteke = small whitey)


August 7-9th
5 weeks
Running around, climbing, attacking each other :)
Solid food & potty training started
(mommy cat Tarri tried to smuggle in a dead mouse)

kittens-5week3.jpg (59651 tavu(a)) kittens-5week2.jpg (116654 tavu(a)) kittens-5week1.jpg (75289 tavu(a)) kittens-5week4.jpg (68730 tavu(a)) kittens-5week5.jpg (96868 tavu(a))


July 31st
4 weeks
Walking around on still somewhat wobbly legs;
discovering the world around the 'nest'.

kittens-4week3.jpg (56545 tavu(a)) kittens-4week1.jpg (111554 tavu(a)) kittens-4week2.jpg (62933 tavu(a)) kittens-4week4.jpg (111029 tavu(a)) 

July 24th/26th
3 weeks old!
Starting to play.

kittens-3week1.jpg (49699 tavu(a)) kittens-3week2.jpg (59620 tavu(a)) kittens-3week3.jpg (52595 tavu(a))
kittens-3week4.jpg (85427 tavu(a)) kittens-3week5.jpg (82908 tavu(a)) kittens-3week6.jpg (76369 tavu(a))

July 19th
2 weeks!
Trying to walk.

kittens-2week2.jpg (23260 tavu(a)) kittens-2week1.jpg (28555 tavu(a)) kittens-2week3.jpg (36051 tavu(a))

July 11th
We're one week old!
Eyes just opened a bit.

kittens-1week1.jpg (110718 tavu(a)) kittens-1week2.jpg (126103 tavu(a))  kittens-1week4.jpg (95497 tavu(a)) kittens-1week5.jpg (88867 tavu(a))

July 3rd, 2005
From kitten to mummy in one year. Two kittens (sadly, one didn't make it) were
born last night. We're keeping the one with the black spot on top, 
the totally white one goes to its dad (in 12 weeks or so).
Aren't they the cutest!

        kittens1.jpg (213390 tavu(a)) kittens2.jpg (195802 tavu(a)) kittens3.jpg (177020 tavu(a)) kittens4.jpg (184849 tavu(a))

Tarri-May.jpg (86038 tavu(a)) metTarri.jpg (55332 tavu(a))
Spring 05

Winter 04-05

    August 4th 2004
august04tarri.jpg (116840 tavu(a))
Sweet dreams?

July 30th
 the PCand I
pc7.jpg (209277 tavu(a))
Hey, what's this?


pc6.jpg (217520 tavu(a))
It moves!


pc1.jpg (182594 tavu(a))
Can I touch it?


pc2.jpg (106362 tavu(a))
Not quite.


pc5.jpg (192798 tavu(a))


pc4.jpg (205842 tavu(a))
Cat & Mouse


pc3.jpg (96817 tavu(a))
My spot!


asleep16-7-04.jpg (295046 tavu(a))
July 16th 2004





July 04 - There have been Tarris in my husband's family since his dad was a kid, and tradition 
calls for the cat to be called Tarri. I'm not too happy about that, with my French RRRRR 
(the Finns consider this the wrong kind of R).
Tarri the fifth is still no-show, so we decided to look for another kitten and got lucky on July 13th. 
Here she is: Tarri the sixth!


 hello.jpg (84772 tavu(a))  up.jpg (165728 tavu(a))  at window.jpg (195103 tavu(a))  asleep.jpg (190224 tavu(a))

Click the small photos!

She was born on May 21st 2004 and is now almost 9 weeks old.


Asleep...home1.jpg (154454 tavu(a)) same spot

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