Superfast ferries will take you from Rostock, Germany, 
to Hanko, Finland, in 21 hours. From there, 
it is only a 20-minute drive to Lappohja.

This has been our home since July 2001.  
Villa Erika  is situated in a small village,  Lappohja, between Tammisaari and Hanko. Click here to look it up! 

Virtual tourist Hanko         
Virtual tourist western Finland
The weather in Finland

'm originally from Groot-Bijgaarden (visit the castle), Belgium, and have been in Finland since  1990. My mother tongue is Dutch. Mats and Jens are bilingual (Dutch & Finnish). Groot-Bijgaarden is part of Dilbeek (map). Read about the history of a.o. Dilbeek and Groot-Bijgaarden (in Dutch).

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