For this part of the project, pool D, aka Frightening Writing, took advantage of the fact that all the cities in its pool have a castle: 
Akershus Castle in Oslo, Norway, Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland, Haapsalu Castle in Estonia 
and Koldinghus in Denmark.

The students had to invent a legend about one of the castles in another country. 

Here's what they came up with!

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Akershus Castle, Norway  
The Tower of the Virgin

Legends by Finnish Students
from Yhtenšiskoulu

The Original Legend

Suomenlinna Fortress, Finland
The King's Gate

Legends by Norwegian Students
from Bjōrndal skole

The Original Legend


Haapsalu Castle, Estonia

Legends by Danish Students
from Eltang Centralskole

The Original Legend



Koldingshus, Denmark

Legends by Estonian Students
from Haapsalu Primary School

The Original Legend


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