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Version 1

The 30 march 1808 at the night there was a fire on Koldinghus. One week earlier there was an army from Napoleon there was spaniel and France soldier.

About 30000 soldiers there were coming. He sent them to help us with a war against England.

The soldiers think it was so cold that the put more wood in the fireplace.

They put too much that it began to fire.

There should have been two fireguards. In the start they have make a deal with 6 of the most builder in Kolding.

They shut protect Koldinghus against fire.

That day there was one until 2 o’clock, he was going home to get some refreshing.

He didn’t come back after. The other one was sick he forgotten to excuse.

The first came back after the porter from the castle came to him.

The porter think there was a fire. The worker cut not se it but he cut se a very hard smoke.

He went up there and went in the castle . It was a problem to came in because the Spanish and the Francis

don’t want him in but he got in. he have a bottle of water with him and he went upstairs got in to a door and found it.

 Then he throws the bottle of water on the floor. He went out and was warning them.

Now the fire engine from Kolding came and later there came some one from Frederica and Christiansfeld. 

After the fire Mrs. White writes a letter to he’s husband: the Koldinghus have been in real big fire.

Most of the Koldinghus is still standing there.  I could not save anything. I survived.

There was not so many money back after. The silver from the castle church got sent to the Danish Silver department.

 After the fire there was thinking of to renovated it but it never happened until the 1980.


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Version 2

Koldinghus – The Original Story


The morning 30th of March 1808, half past four the colone’s wife’s servant waked her up, Because Koldinghus was in fire.


The colonel-family was living in the south-wing of the castle the colonel himself was out and served his land.


The reason to the fire was that the guards didn’t took their job serious.

One of the guards was walked home, to get something, and the other was sick.

Some was thinking that it was too cold, and so they came to much stuff in the fireplaces, and so the fire broke out…


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