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The Tank


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We have an aquarium (November 2nd / 03)- thanks Nina!

The tank contains100 liters and we all enjoy just sitting in front of it, watching the fish.

These little fellows are swimming around in it
('old' fish from Nina and some new ones, too)  

All fish survived the move and are still alive :)  




kalatank.jpg (103049 tavu(a))
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2x lehtikala - maanvis - angel fish (the eyes turned out white in the photo)
kalalehti2.jpg (81003 tavu(a))  august04fish.jpg (128941 tavu(a)) 
feeding time

2x partamonni; one big one and a baby.
Summer 04- The baby is now as big as the other one.

2x kuparimonni 
December 9th, 03 - found one kuparimonni on the bottom of the tank. 
Died of old age, presumably.

Five neon tetras which the angel fish keep eating. 
We started out with 7, 3 were eaten, I bought 6 more and we're now left 
with 5 who seem to be big enough (ie they aren't mistaken for food). 
It's a good thing these fellows aren't expensive!

And then there was one left...

July 14th, 04 Still alive and kicking!

4x intiaanisulka
July 14th, 04 One died, but as this is a schooling fish (parvikala), we got 6 silver-tipped tetras (kuparitetra) 
in February 04 so now they all swim happily together. They've even adopted the neon tetra in the school ! 
He's at the bottom of the school on the left.

I warmly recommend the  http://www.akvaariokeskus.com/ in Ruoholahti! 
Good service and advice! Read the story!

one red-tailed shark - tulipyrstö - vuurstaart. Still small luckily, as this one gets big.

august04fish2.jpg (120220 tavu(a))
Sharky and the monni during feeding.


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Friday, February 27th 2004

I had the grand idea of going to a fish shop I hadn't been to yet. There's one in Tammisaari, but they sold us fish that didn't go with the ones we already had, read: they got eaten; the one in Stockman isn't much to write home about either (the fish are OK, but the salesmen/ladies don't know much). This one's supposed to be very good, but in Ruoholahti. So, that's where we (the kids and I)  headed for, after first visiting the Smarket opposite the postoffice and buying shower soap and shampoo for 50 euros (we got a big 'green bonus card' bonus ticket of 35 euro because we bought a lot of paint etc and then a few smaller ones, but you can only use them in Hki! The local Smarket won't accept them any more). Needless  to say, I've never bought that much shampoo, soap, dishwasher tablets and Comfort in one go. We had planned this in advance, so the kids had empty back packs to carry their share of soap. I took the rest in my - already heavy - pack, and the final ones went into a plastic carrier bag. Ok. Off we went to Pizza Hut because by then it was 4 pm and we were all starving. Around 5 we took the metro. It had  been a few years since the boys were in one last, so they entertained the other passsengers with their exclamations of wonder at the speed and sound of it all. The akvaariokeskus is only a 5 min walk from the station and we spent about an hour in the shop, read sauna. It's impossible hot and humid there, but the service was great (although we had to wait - next time I won't be going after office hours). We left with a lot of advice, knowledge and 6 kuparitetra (who seem to have survived the trip, hurray! - at 1.5 euros they were also the cheapest fish in the shop). We were back in the center around 6.30. I was dead tired - had been up since 6am. OK - next train at 8 (we missed the 6.03 one). Latte and hot chocolate at the Coffee House until 7.15. Another train schedule check: damn! The 8 o'clock will only bring us to Karjaa. We'll have to take the 9pm (=last train). What do we do the next two hours? The centre was filling up with people on the move (read drunk). Went to the bookshop and got them one Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) each (a thick one). Went to the shop for milk&cereal (breakfast tomorrow) and pulla and lemonade. Sat in the railway station reading those for 45 minutes. Kids engrossed in their books, thankfully! Hurray - train there. To train. Fish check: all still alive and swimming. Pulla and lemonade. More Aku Ankka. 23.36: Finally home. Kids wash teeth. Fish in tank. Kids in bed (asleep in one minute). Me with a glass of red wine here. Hurray! 


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