CEF - Common European Framework


ELP - European Language Portfolio


TALE - Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language


FRONTER - introducing a learning environment at Yhtenäiskoulu 


COMENIUS - Homo Europaeus (fall 05 ->)


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CEF - Common European Framework

I was involved in piloting the Common European Framework in 1998-99. The CEF is a document which has been co-constructed by a large number of European countries over several years. It outlines a broad definition of communicative language competence and offers recommendations concerning learning and teaching languages and assessing the proficiency attained. The framework is being applied to prospective national language curricula, teacher training and to language teaching and learning at schools. The process of implementation at each of the three levels is accompanied by research and development work. 

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ELP - European Language Portfolio


The European Language Portfolio was developed and piloted by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe,Strasbourg, from 1998 until 2000. It was launched on a pan-European level during the European Year of Languages as a tool to support the development of plurilingualism and pluriculturalism.

The aims of the ELP are (a) to promote common European mobility and transparency of reporting the level intercultural competence and (b) to foster learner autonomy and the teacher’s professional growth

I have been integrating the ELP since 2001, focussing on the possiblities of digital portfolios. From 2001 till 2003 I used WebCT, a learning environment. After that I've had to made do with digital portfolios connected to the school web pages. A bit more clumsy, but it's free and seems to work, too.



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Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language

Official web pages

TALE (Nordplus 890/2002) is a network of academics and practitioners for focusing on language, communication skills and cultural exchange.

I've been involved with TALE since 2002, starting with 7C at IINK and continuing with 7A at YNK. We use Blackboard, a web-based learning environment, to post narratives and contact the other students and teachers involved.

Fourteen teacher training institutions in Scandinavia and an external Australian evaluator co-operate with researchers, teacher trainers, student teachers, class teachers and some 500 pupils. The network is co-ordinated at the Institute of Educational Research and Development, University of Southern Denmark


combining individual action and reflection with collective development

interaction among educators, students and pupils

developing the narrative text type and vocabulary in narratives among 12-14 year old Nordic pupils

providing a context for an updated curriculum on English as a foreign language of such skills. 

providing curricular development among teacher trainers, student teachers, class teachers and pupils - development of didactics for vocabulary .

TALE has four pools. The students of my pool, POOL D, also called FRIGHTENING WRITING, wrote Legends  (fall 2003) and chain stories  (spring 2004).

A final seminar and conference will be organized in Akureyri, Iceland(18 – 24 October 2004): Put a Saga on your Screen.

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