Course 6

Assignment 2

On-line exercises


1. Look up information on either Hitchcock or Tarantino: 

    1. Make a list of the 3 best sites you find
      that give background information on the producer

    2. Choose three of his movies and give two good sites on each movie

    3. For each site in a and b, explain briefly why this site is good.
       (“I like it” is NOT a good explanation! – write about 50 words)

    4. Copy & paste the best text you find on your producer/his work and summarize it in Finnish.


  1. 2. Go to and find a movie you would like to see.
    Also write (50 words)  why you want to see this movie.
    (again, “I haven’t seen it yet” isn’t sufficient)

  1. 3. Check out the webpages of the  Finnish National Gallery and Kiasma,
    and explain briefly which museum you would like to visit and why.


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